Meet Achord

ACHORD's journey began with the love for music and how the right teacher was linked to the development of that passion.ACHORD's mission is to help foster connections between students and teachers. With our powerful personality matching algorithm, we provide modernized ways to find connections with the music community.Who will make the next perfect movie soundtrack of the future? Who will conduct the symphony?Stay tuned for the latest updates and reviews as we continue to develop.

Our Mission


No matter the age or lifestyle, music is essential. To facilitate the passion for music, we understand the great value of a genuine connection between the student and the teacher. Not only will the quality of the lesson increase, but also the relationship with the music.



Find the teacher that not only teaches the content but also understands...

  • Your best learning style.

  • How you like the classroom environment.

  • Your personal goals.



Making the most out of your teaching experience: a greater connection creates a greater impact.

  • Easier methods for scheduling/booking.

  • Find the student that fits how you teach.

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What we plan to solve

With Innovative Ideas

Online Learning presents a newer platform for learning music that is still growing. Achord presents a simpler and more effective way of finding the right partner in the music world. There is not one correct way to learn music.Please Signup below to join us in helping others develop their passion for music.